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Tips and Guides on Buying or Renting a Condo

Buying or Renting a Condo especially in Makati can be a complicated process if you don’t know what your doing. With the real estate and the condominium market constantly changing it may be good time to start considering buying if not renting a condominium since the market today is a buyer’s market . Buying or renting a condo can give you advantages, with the former giving first-time home buyers some low interest rates and falling real estate prices. You can buy a condominium and real estate properties through an reputable online condo and real estate websites like Condo Rental Makati.

To get started  the process of buying or renting a condo, the first step is to start first by registering your interest in buying a condo by sending us an email or you can also contact us directly on our telephone and mobile numbers. After registering and showing your interest in buying or renting a condo especially in Makati, the next step would be to search and select a condominium that matches your requirements and budget. Searching for a condo will be easy if you know your needs and have a goal in mind.

Once you know your needs, preparing your finances is very important and this includes your projected income and other investments. Planning your finances early can help you can avoid the inconvenience of having to prepare your finances in a hurry once you have found a suitable condo that has met your requirements. After finding a condo that has met your requirements, you can then make an offer to the seller through your broker. Your broker can guide in getting the best possible deal available. This can be done verbally or through a letter of intent which your broker can do for you.

Once the offer is approved between the two parties, you can then assign a broker to handle the legal paperwork involved. After the draft contract has been made and an agreement has been made, both parties could then finalize the contract. After this, the only things left to do would be to sign the contract and enjoy your condo.

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