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Many interested expats, couples and professionals would often ask the question to themselves over and over again what they should be looking for in a condo unit that they would like to rent in Makati. The answer to this particular question can vary depending from person to person. To save the grief and the time spent in searching for a question as deep as “what is the meaning of life?” we’ve compiled several factors to consider or look for in renting a condo in Makati.

Here are the 3 Important Things to Consider in Renting a Condo:


1. Security –  For expats and foreigners, security is one of the biggest issue. Consider this, are you willing to spend thousands in a condo unit that feels unsafe or unsecured? Would you be willing to spend money on a residential unit where the padlocks and locks on the door are as many as the stars in the sky? Who in their right mind would want that right? Since you’re already spending much money in your condo rental you might want to be sure that the condominium of choice is as safe as can be.

Someone once wrote that you can truly call a house a home when you get to sleep soundly at night without any worries that you might get robbed. This is a key factor in considering a new home. Check if the place where you’ll be staying has 24 hour security as well as a strict stance on visitors also consider the neighborhood where the condominium building is situated in.


renting a condo

Important Things to Consider in Renting a Condo


2. Price – A wise investment, particularly in leasing or renting condominiums in Makati is to consider the price of the condo unit that you are about to rent. Nobody wants to feel cheated out of their money with overpriced rentals. Remember, after paying for the rental of the flat that you would be staying in, you also have to worry about other bills like electricity, gas and other utilities like your grocery bills and credit cards. If you feel like you might be going in way over your head, you might just be right. Always be open to ideas and to be on the lookout for other less expensive condos for rent in Makati.


3. Distance – if you fall under the young urban professional who is looking for a condominium for the sole purpose of cutting travel time from work to your home then you might want to look for inexpensive ones rather than settling for the more upscale units where you would barely spend 12 hours each day in. If you feel like money is not an option then go ahead and just make sure that the place you’d be renting will be walking distance to where you would work otherwise, you’d end up spending more than what you expected.


There you have it, those were the three important factors to consider when renting a condo unit in the Makati area in Metro Manila. It is important to consider these factors in renting a condo so that you can maximize the money the money you invest in your home and truly enjoy the condo experience.




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